Why Mixed Media?


Why Mixed Media?

As I travelled the world and was so fascinated with all different cultures and their different lives, I realized that it was impossible to bring all my impressions and my stories in one art piece with only paint.

Every travel I collected many materials, colors, newspapers and magazines, and of course thousands of photos. I saved all my tickets, every napkin, or even textile, feathers or leaves. By using my materials, I collected on the way I recognize every painting or art piece and I understand the message I want to give. In the years I found my paintings more and more expanded with other materials.

I realized on my journey I want to make the story I like to tell more complete. Just one material is not enough for me. In the years I also found the technique to use photocopy or internet an added value to my art.

That way I could emphasize the specific part I like to show; a person, a building or an animal, a great way to let them stand out. I also found myself drawn to mix media artists that touched my eye and my heart.

Mixed media art always fascinated me for its capacity to tell a story in a richly layered way. In that same feeling of wanting more materials on my paintings, I wanted my art accessible to more people, in many ways. It must be possible to have my collage on a pillow, your morning coffee, on the wall in my favorite room. I wanted to share, to design and to create in a way many people can enjoy it. Finding a system to have people wear my art on a t-shirt, on a mug, on the wall, makes me very happy. I want all pieces to give a happy feeling, to share a message, to stand out! Although I love mix media to make my art, I also feel it is the messiest way to create. My studio can be an explosion of materials, paint, papers, glue, etc., but surrounded with this mess I find myself happy, creating and loving what I do, I hope you enjoy it with me,

Xx Bernadet