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Surround Yourself With Collage Art That Isn’t Just Seen, But Felt.

Forever Collage is the home of exclusive, hand-crafted collage art. Our each art piece offers
thoughtful, one-of-a-kind options for every taste and occasion.

At Forever Collage, we craft each piece as a journey, a memory, a joy.

Founded by Bernadet Bijsterbosch, we launched Forver Collage studio in the heart of Barcelona's beaches in 1999.
Since we opened our doors first time, we have expanded our collection but we still remain a tight, dedicated and passionate team. Now, we’re widely regarded as the go-to place of interior and fashion, globally recognized for its unique designs of each piece.
What you can be sure of, is that we collaborate with diverse artists, ensuring every collection speaks a different language of style and emotion.

We started Forever Collage with a single mission in mind.

To color your world with happiness and infuse your life with high standard collage art that resonates deeply, telling your unique story. Our collections don't just decorate; they narrate, they inspire, they transform your space.

Astrology Collection

A celestial journey captured in collage art. Each item – be it a plush pillow or a winter blanket – is a piece of the universe, tailored to connect you with the stars.
From the hands of creators, come not just art; but unique treasures that share your personal astrological journey, captured in vibrant colors and intricate designs.
Feel the cosmos embrace your space with our enchanting collection.

Our each collection is a journey, a conversation starter, a way to express who you are.

Social Art Collection

Empower your soul with our Social Art Collection. Each piece in this collection is a manifesto of strength, offering supportive messages that uplift and inspire. This exclusive range is more than decor; it's a daily reminder of resilience and inner power, perfect for gifting or personal motivation.

Travel Art Collection

Keep your wanderlust alive with our Travel Art Collection. From Parisian streets to tropical paradises, these collages bring your favorite destinations right into your home. Crafted for the free spirit, our collection keeps the essence of travel alive throughout the year, making every day an adventure.

Mystic Art Collection

Envelop your space in the enigmatic aura of our Mystic Collection. Each piece is a whisper of the unknown, a touch of the mystical world. Designed to inspire and intrigue, this collection transforms your home into a sanctuary of mystery and wonder.

Friendship Art Collection

Celebrate the bond of friendship with our vibrant Friendship Collection. Bright colors, sweet messages, and thoughtful designs make these collages the perfect gift for your cherished ones. Each art piece is a testament to the joy and beauty of friendship, a memento of shared moments and laughs.

Nature Lovers Art Collection

Reconnect with the tranquility of nature through our Nature Lovers Collection. Bringing the serenity of the outdoors inside, these collages are a peaceful retreat in your own home. Experience relaxation and calm as nature's beauty unfolds around you, creating a haven of peace.

Escape the ordinary in gift-giving. Our five collections offer thoughtful, one-of-a-kind options for every taste and occasion.

Our collages in your space, transforming it into a story-rich sanctuary. Ideal for wholesalers, retailers, or gift seekers, our art pieces elevate any environment. Whether for home, office, or as a heartwarming gift, our unique designs offer elegance and a personalized touch.

Choose Forever Collage for your space today.


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